Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good Evening Autumn.

Despite the mixed feelings and general business of the fall, I really like this time of year. I have always associated summer with freedom, and the end of summer has always marked the end of control over my activities. This is one of the first years that I feel like I am embracing the fall, this afternoon I was walking with Gillian and we both noticed this old car covered in perfect fall leaves. You know the type, they crunch when you walk on them. We saw this car and we both kind of marveled at it, I guess it was when I realized  that it really is Autumn. We both thought the car would make a great photo. Of course neither of us had a camera handy. Go figure.

Lately have have become obsessed with two things:

The prospect of Sewing

I don't pretend to know a lot about sewing, but I can do the basics. I am really looking forward to buying a machine stitching and learning. I am not exactly sure which machine I am going to buy, but I am debating between the bottom Janome or the Elna for a new machine or else a quality refurbished one probably not like the necchi but you get the idea.

Vintage Necchi
Modern Elna

Modern Janome


My favorite new social networking site (if you can really call it that). If you don't already have an account I highly recommend it. It works like an online pin board, with the idea being that you can collect your favorite images from your daily (web) surf and post in onto your pinterest, you can follow others' boards and they can follow you. It ends up being pretty interesting and you would be surprised how quickly the web of pins and boards go.





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  1. hi there, just stumbled in.... from door16 i think...

    enjoying your blog and what lovely jewelry you make.
    i'm a pinner too, so addictive.