Saturday, February 9, 2013

Smells like Free Soup!

Okay so this soup wasn't really free, but I did make it out of things that I already had in my kitchen... which some how feels better than free. What I have realized about soup is if you add garlic and all the vegetables in your kitchen to some kind of stock, it comes out awesome every time. It really is the perfect time of year for soup too, with the flu or norovirus or what ever getting at everyone.

Nothing like eating soup in your pajamas watching a show about british teenagers, TGISaturday.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ceteris Paribus

I am a very lucky person. I feel confident that if I try to learn something, I can learn it, and at least be sort of good at it. Maybe that is a naive outlook on learning, but in general it has been my experience. Which leads into why I am currently feeling very irritated by my impending mid-term.

I have been putting off taking economics for a long time, and I finally had to bite the bullet this semester. I struggle to say that I am bad at math, because really I am just uninterested in all things related to math. I have never really understood why if something can be said in a sentence or a paragraph (or in a haiku on sticky note), why one would say it in a function or a graph. It seems almost unnatural or inhuman. The purpose gets lost in the specifics when we feel the need to "graph the elasticity," instead of discussing the consumer behavior that would lead to a product being more or less responsive to a change in economic circumstances. I like the things we talk about in economics, the theories are interesting and they make me think, but I don't understand why the subject has to be so unfriendly.

I have trouble accepting that I am not going to be at the top of this class. I can study for 300 hours (I actually can't, midterm is on Thursday), and most people in the class will likely do better than me. I have an insanely competitive work ethic and this realization is totally devastating.

I rarely realize how competitive I really am. I mean, this class doesn't really mean all that much to me. Actually, it hardly means anything to me at all. But knowing that no matter how hard I try I won't do well. That kills me.

Oh well, I'll just keep trying.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


To keep a blog eh?

I guess thats something I haven't quite picked up yet. Its not that interesting things don't happen, or that I don't feel comfortable sharing snippets of my life with who ever cares to read. Its more that creating new habits is challenging. 

Heres to a new year and new habits!
Doll Vigil

Beaded Reindeer in Mexico

Christmas candies in Christmas dishes

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

To Do: February 28

I guess one of the silver linings about moving is that it forces me to leave my house to do things like study. Mind you I did not go far (just to the starbucks at the end of the block) but it was nice to get out of my own head for a little over an hour. (By my head I of course me my house.) Even if it was just to read my text book.

My house looks like one of the houses from the show Hoarders. Moving is messy. I have a really short temper for not being able to find things. It really drives me crazy. Really.

This week to do:

Moving Realted
Finish Packing eveything up (tonight)
Pick up UHaul (Wednesday morning)
Load the Truck
Clean the House we are moving out of
Return our keys to landlord/ get back damage deposit.
Find my cheque book
Pick up new keys from new landlord and give rent cheque.
Move all of my stuff into new house.
Pick up new couch.
Organize drop off of truck (while I am in school.)
Do laundry
Disconnect home internet

School Related:
Write, Edit and hand in marketing paper.
Prepare business presentation
Start Research on Business Paper
Study for second midterms (marketing and business)

Jewelry Related:
Update Etsy Store
Make at least three new items
Get display ready for Jewelry sale

Go for a Run (Sun Run is soon approaching)
Book of time from work for Summer vacation and for cousin's wedding in November
Cancel Yoga Pass
Learn to Fly (wouldn't that be great)

Congratulations for getting to the bottom of the list. You for sure beat me there.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To the God of Half Finished Projects,

It is unfortunate how well we get along.
I feel that I have been misguided by you so many times, leading me to believe that one day I will finish all of the things that together, we set out to do. Unfortunately there comes a time when we have to pack up all of our shit and move on, or in my case move out. I would love to say that the day is today. But instead, in your honor I will just talk about it now and finish it up later.

Most likely yours always,


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Things June Makes

Today has been too long. So instead of being creative currently, I will share some fairly new creativity.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good Evening Autumn.

Despite the mixed feelings and general business of the fall, I really like this time of year. I have always associated summer with freedom, and the end of summer has always marked the end of control over my activities. This is one of the first years that I feel like I am embracing the fall, this afternoon I was walking with Gillian and we both noticed this old car covered in perfect fall leaves. You know the type, they crunch when you walk on them. We saw this car and we both kind of marveled at it, I guess it was when I realized  that it really is Autumn. We both thought the car would make a great photo. Of course neither of us had a camera handy. Go figure.

Lately have have become obsessed with two things:

The prospect of Sewing

I don't pretend to know a lot about sewing, but I can do the basics. I am really looking forward to buying a machine stitching and learning. I am not exactly sure which machine I am going to buy, but I am debating between the bottom Janome or the Elna for a new machine or else a quality refurbished one probably not like the necchi but you get the idea.

Vintage Necchi
Modern Elna

Modern Janome


My favorite new social networking site (if you can really call it that). If you don't already have an account I highly recommend it. It works like an online pin board, with the idea being that you can collect your favorite images from your daily (web) surf and post in onto your pinterest, you can follow others' boards and they can follow you. It ends up being pretty interesting and you would be surprised how quickly the web of pins and boards go.